I Tried Singapore’s Most Expensive Kaya Toast

I tried 3 of Singapore’s most expensive kaya toasts. Kaya toasts are known for being affordable and delicious but did you know there are atas (high-end) options as well? In this video, I am trying them all. I hope my wallet does not die.

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I’m sure you’ll enjoy this sake. Perfect as a gift too (Mother’s day, Father’s day, birthdays etc!) Both beginners and Sake-lovers can enjoy this one! Can’t wait for you to try it out.

00:00 Shangri-la Hotel
02:36 New Sake Announcement
03:59 Atas Kaya Toast Review
05:24 InterContinental Hotel
08:57 Uptown Cafe
10:41 The Best Atas Kaya Toast is..

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  • You must try the kaya toast from Mad roaster at Amoy food centre! It’s heavenly and the set with kopi is under $5!

  • So atas…. I like the Shangri la presentation and intercontinental choose a Altas bread to make a toast and the jam looks so almost jello.

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