IS SINGAPORE EXPENSIVE? SINGAPORE has a reputation for being EXPENSIVE, but we wanted to share how HOW TO TRAVEL SINGAPORE ON A BUDGET. From hotels, to parks and even super affordable food, we share with you our AFFORDABLE SINGAPORE TRAVEL GUIDE on what to do in Singapore for CHEAP or even FREE!
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Hi, we are Gökçe and Steve, a married Turkish and American full time travel couple. We left behind our New York City office jobs and our home to experience the world and all its wonderful cultures.

We also want to teach you how you too can turn the money you spend every single day into FREE or CHEAP TRAVEL, just like we do, through using credit card points here on this channel!

We hope to inspire you to chase your own dreams and we thank you for subscribing to our channel to follow us along on our journey!

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  • We really enjoyed our time in Singapore and found that there was plenty to do while traveling Singapore on a budget. We hope ypu have a chance to visit and enjoy Singapore yourself!

  • with the strong currency wherever you go, it is cheap, whereas weak in currency, wherever you go is expensive.

  • Thanks for visiting! 3:22 I understand why people can be surprised by our abundant nature, but we aren’t called the Garden City for nothing. These days we levelled up to a “city in nature”

  • Singapore is not crazy expensive . Just that most tourists are fooled by the “most expensive country in the world “ label .

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