Inside Singapore’s MOST EXPENSIVE HDB Public Housing | Pinnacle@Duxton

Welcome to Pinnacle@Duxton, the most impressive, tallest and probably the most expensive public housing in the world. The resale price of one 3 bedroom flat usually starts from 1 million Singapore dollars (800,000USD). There are reasons why this public housing (HDB) costs so much money, and today we are here to find out. Join Desmond and I as we take a tour around Pinnacle.

Special thanks to Desmond and Alvin.

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  • In the United States you cannot ‘purchase’ public housing. You can only rent public housing. And the rent is subsidized by b the government. The public housing is basically property of the US government.

  • At first i thought the most expensive building to live in was the Marina Bay Sands but now i know which is most expensive building here in Singapore but also the Marina Bay Sands hotel is the most famous hotel

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  • 地味に、都市計画なり公共空間の作り方なり内装が素晴らしくてビックリしました。HDBに日本に団地を作ってもらいたいです。

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