S$2,000 Fullerton Hotel Suite Room Tour 🇸🇬Singapore’s 5 Star Hotel

Welcome to The Fullerton Hotel, one of Singapore’s best hotels. Yesterday, we found a centipede in our room and look what happened! A complimentary upgrade to a suite room that costs around 2,000 SGD per night. In this live stream, I’ll show you everything what this amazing room has to offer.

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8 件のコメント

  • Got to thank the centipede that helps U to upgrade to the suite room. Pay for heritage room but get to stay in a suite room. Very lucky

  • The $400 room look very cramp but toilet was the best feature. The suite of course is very beautiful n the view was wonderful. Mister, U are very casual in your dressing but nice. Thank you for doing this video of this posh hotel. Hope U enjoy your hotel stay.

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