My Upcoming USD/JPY Forex Day Trade

Wondering where the USD/JPY pair is headed next? Join me as I analyze the potential moves of this currency pair and discuss whether the Bank of Japan might intervene again, as they did in May. Will we see new opportunities or a change in direction? In this video, I share my insights and predictions for USD/JPY in the coming week, highlighting some exciting day trading opportunities. Do you agree with my analysis? Watch to find out!

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00:20 Intro
02:35 Fundamental analysis USD/JPY hit 38 year high, where are the opportunities?
05;20 Technical analysis USD/JPY
08:05 My outlook for usd/jpy on the coming weeks, buying opportunity?
08:10 Outro

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  • I make 500k a year. Mind you I have no children and zero debt. I have a six figure portfolio (Stocks, crypto crowdfunding real estate, savings, and CD’s) it wasn’t easy. I hustled, saved, and invested my money. I always tell people “Money can’t fix stupid”

  • Check the supply zone on yearly and 6 month chart, there are strong zones of supply on 6 MTF JPY pairs. it will test that area and then we will sell on monthly and weekly TF

  • There´s more to the story than USD/JPY this time. The Dollar will be the elephant in the room from this point in time (BRICS + mBrige)

  • I remember having a consultation with a financial analyst last July, and it was incredibly insightful, can’t stress enough how helpful experts in this field are

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