AUDUSD-NZDUSD Correlation Hedge & Total Direction, Detecting Tops and Limits

This indicator provides a clear view on market momentum (combined trade of the 2 pairs) for day to day trading, plus one leading component which works on the weekly and monthly chart, and can warn of tops in the forward trade, in advance. (Forward means long AUD and short NZD). Making it possible to really trade extremely profitably, with confidence, but over several months to one year. Not over few days.

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  • The first top signal alone, as seen on the monthly chart is a total swing of $3300 of money the trader would have saved, or totally made, on that signal, in these months alone, trading just one lot on each pair, less the swap charges. Swap charges are significant in this strategy as we hold trades for weeks or months, however the profitability of the trades dwarfs these charges and we are able to trade profitable overall, really profitable. All in all, annual gains of 8X are totally possible. However this is still a slow strategy, like investing almost, the fastest you can ever profit is around 2 to 3 days, on the momentum readings. However this is not the real edge of the indicator, the real edge are the tops oseen on the blue line below.

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