Inside Japanese Wife’s First HDB Flat! New Singapore Apartment Tour

Home tour of a Japanese Wife & Singaporean husband’s HDB (public housing) in Woodlands, Singapore! Chiharu and Godon’s flat is not a typical Singaporean apartment as you can see both Japanese and Singaporean elements. What is their life like, and what does it feel like to own an HDB as a Japanese?

Special thanks to Godon and Chiharu. Check out their hawker stall at Marsiling Mall Hawker Centre!
🍢 Mei Xiang Yuan (Satay & Rojak) 美香園

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Day in the Life of a Japanese Rojak Hawker

00:00 Introducing the Couple
00:50 Living Room
02:52 Guest Bedroom
03:50 Work Room
04:21 Kitchen
06:03 Toilet
09:32 International Marriage Culture Shocks
12:52 Family Gathering
15:55 Thoughts of Living in Singapore

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  • good to see young people in singapore able to afford a nice place and do what they like for living.

  • I found it refreshing when she said living in sg is good for her mental state cuz we Singaporeans feel stressed living here. Not saying our stress is not valid, but just interesting when different perspectives are presented

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