1997 1 Krone – Harald V – Norway #Shorts

1997 – I Krone
Three crowned monograms of Harald V
Copper – Nickel

Coin designed by – Ingrid Austlid Rise
Minted by – Royal Norwegian Mint – Kongsberg – Norway
Mintage – 141,099,873


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5 件のコメント

  • Thanks for the share. I found it interesting that coinage with holes in the center were actually done to conserve metal, due to rising costs. By putting the hole in the centre, it made the coin larger in area and at the same time saved the government the cost of making solid coins. On the other hand, I believe the holes in some coins were done as a way of stacking or stringing the coins for ease of transport and counting. What do you think??

  • I want that coin. Hope I get one when I order a bag of foreign coins. The obverse appeals to my orderly side. While the reverse appeals to my whimsical side.

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