The Best Simple Strategy to Scalp GBPJPY

This is one of the simplest Trading Strategies out there, for one of the most popular but difficult Pairs to Master, GBP/JPY

Trading GJ, the Great British Pound vs the Japanese Yen can be extremely difficult, that’s why I’m here to show you an incredibly Simple but effective Method to Scalp Trend Reversals on GBPJPY.
The Strategy utilizes a safe 1:2 Risk to Reward Ratio with Winrates of up to 75% when applied correctly, this is sure to scale your account quickly and safely, provided you stay disciplined and vigilant.

Happy Trading everyone!

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  • Thanks for this! I tried a similar strategy to get 10pips and got about 90% win rate. I then go distracted with other strategies and started loosing. Thanks ago. I’ve subscribed and will keep following you on social media.

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