USDJPY Reaches 152.00 Target; What’s Next? (March 22, 2024)

Will USDJPY finally break 152.00 resistance? Watch today’s video for the answers, including key levels to watch and the latest on the DXY!

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7 件のコメント

  • 3 retail candle taken out by a gap down and bear candle.This pattern happens all the time . Big candles are institutional candle small candles are retail and small hedge funds.

  • With all the respect to you bro . . .I don’t believe that DXY will move beyond 105 just look at the yield heading back down.

  • Why ignoring Rate Cuts (3 planned and confirmed by JP) , and BoJ actually getting out of negative rates and potentially ready for another intervention to protect their own currency/economy?

  • Does anybody even notice what’s happening to yen and Japan economy !!!
    Does anyone even look at this !!!

  • Justin, this is, it looks terrible !!!
    Yen has already lost more than 45% of its value and, as ur sharing this chart, it still looks strong with that bullish star formation candle

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