USD/CAD Trade Review | +2.17R Profit

USD/CAD was a nice trade profiting +2.17R. It wasn’t the easiest trade as price too some time before hitting my target. The initial reaction was decent and there was a temptation to quickly shift stops to breakeven. Yes, that’s the trading psychology kicking in. But I stuck to my plan and was disciplined as to not shift stops too early, especially since the entire trade idea was still valid even if the price came back to my entry again.

This discipline paid off because if I were to have shifted my stops, I would simply get out at breakeven instead of taking the full profit of +2.17R. Emotions and trading psychology will always be there, even for me as an experienced trader. It’s not about stopping the emotions and thoughts, but it’s how we manage and act on them that makes the difference.

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Kar Yong started trading with just a humble US$500 when he was only 21, and within 2 years, he managed to turn it into US$13,000. Owing to his success, he was featured on Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia Money Mind: Young Investors, and awarded the Most Popular FX Trainers in Malaysia and the Top Forex Analyst in Asia by WikiFX in 2019.

Today, Kar Yong is financially independent through trading and investing in the financial market. Having gone through the financial struggles during the early stages of his life, he understands how many people are also suffering the same guilt and shame in self-worth. Hence one of Kar Yong’s mission is to help people to achieve financial mastery and empower them to design the life they truly desire.

Having coached over hundreds of traders across Southeast Asia in navigating the financial market, he believes that anyone with the desire to do so can succeed in trading.

Kar Yong在21岁时只用了自己辛苦存下的500美金开始在金融市场投资,在两年内,他的投资数额已高达了1万3千美金。因为他这惊人的成绩,他被Channel News Asia Money Mind 封誉为“最年轻投资者”



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