NZDJPY trade breakdown. 📉

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  • Great vid Derek but Isn’t the sharkfin a bit behind on this trade? I thought you had to enter on the sharkfin, not a while after? The upper band is way over the MA on your entry, am I missing something? Thanks!

  • What was the original RR and what’s your exit strategy, how soon do you go BE does it varies buy market conditions (obviously) or do you have a set idea around a certain RR on average

  • With $1.8 million account size, you still use a 30 lot size… I admire the risk management.. I’ve seen dudes with just a $100k account and they stacking 50 lots lol

  • Man I always wondered how you chose what pairs to check? I am testing your strategy now. It seems to be one of the most effective and interesting approaches I ever tried (especially for the amount of personalisation this strat can fit in) , but i am a bit perplex : sometimes I can spend nearly 4/5 hours a day just checking all the currency pairs. Do you actually have a choice of favourite pairs to check or you just check them all every day?

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