Why the Singapore dollar is one of the strongest currencies in the world | MS Explains

The Singapore dollar isn’t just pretty to look at — it’s also one of the strongest currencies in the world. But is it strong enough to help us cope with the rising cost of living in Singapore?

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  • real money is consumer purchasing power, unlimited purchasing power reduces commerce gambling, phase money out

  • When it comes to money, or rather the ability to manage money, you need clean hands.
    Money is always dirty and greasy. Any country, any person can get rich. All you need to do make sure your money handlers have clean hands before and after handling money.
    Singapore’s founder (Mr. LKY) made sure of that and this is the result.

  • Sgd is backed by gold reserves which Brunei has deep pockets of it. That’s y 1 Bruneian dollar equals 1sgd

  • simple solution…don’t micro but basic logic…work in sg n live in malaysia…all specialists r wrong….ringette will never catch up…unless rm pegged 2 usd @ 1 usd-3 rm

  • SGD has a higher value compare to many of its neighbor’s currency, its rate of exchange is less volatile compared to others in the market also help in countering inflation measures and facilitating business transaction.

  • i was born in 2001 & don’t remember ever seeing the $10,000 note. heck, i rarely see $1,000 notes now!

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