Weekly Outlook (02/04/2024)


Here is the weekly outlook for the top 40 markets.

According to Jeffrey Kennedy, one of the best analysts of the Elliott Wave Principle, professional traders should focus on the possibilities of what might happen. In this week’s report, I will share 40 valuable markets you may find interesting. You should pay attention to the details of the analysis, including the breaking price, the formation of the corrective pattern, and the continuation of the trend with the impulse pattern.

As a trader, your primary responsibility after starting a trade is to reduce, eliminate, and ultimately preserve the profits made.

Thank you for your continued support. I am always learning and improving my skills. Friends, please note that the Elliott wave principle is not magic, but knowledge. Therefore, the analytical idea may change, and mastering the Elliott wave principle requires experience, which can only be gained over time. However, I’ll do my best to cover all markets and share my unbiased insight with you. I wish you a successful week in advance.

Mr. Nobody

(Forex Market)
01-Dxy 01:00
02-Eur=Usd 02:05
03-Gbp=Usd 03:13
04-Eur=Gbp 04:23
05-Usd =Jpy 05:15
06-Eur=Jpy 06:05
07-Gbp=Jpy 06:55
08-Aud=Usd 07:36
09-Eur=Aud 08:31
10-Gbp=Aud 09:22
11-Usd=Chf 10:17
12-Eur=Chf 11:11
13-Gbp=Chf 12:02
14-Nzd=Usd 13:02
15-Eur=Nzd 13:57
16-Gbp=Nzd 14:54
17-Usd=Cad 15:35
18-Eur=Cad 16:22
19-Gbp=Cad 17:12

(Futures Market)
20-Gold=Usd 18:03
21-Silver=Usd 18:59
22-Platinum=Usd 19:54
23-Oil=Usd 21:20
24-Gasoline=Usd 22:11
25-Gas=Usd 23:11

(Stocks Market)
26-Apple=Usd 23:51
27-Amazon=Usd 24:37
28-Tesla=Usd 25:15

(Indices Market)
29-Nasdaq100=Usd 26:00
30-Sp500=Usd 27:06
31-Dow Jones=Usd 28:12
32-Nikkei 225=Jpy 29:09
33-Dax=Eur 29:52
34-Nifty50=Inr 30:32

(Crypto Market)
35-Btc=Usd 31:23
36-Eth=Usd 32:03
37-Bnb=Usd 32:49
38-Xrp=Usd 33:24
39-Ada=Usd 34:05
40-Doge=Usd 34:41

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I have a suggestion for you.
Creating clear rules when operating in the market and following them is important to comply with regulations.
Even in volatile markets where there may be temptation to deviate, it is important to maintain discipline and follow established guidelines.
The market can create illusions and false beliefs, so consistently following the rules is the key to success.
As Mark Douglas advises, be sure to set your own rules and always follow them.

What do you think about the relevance of the Elliott Wave Principle?
I shared a video on YouTube about the Dow Jones market showing Ralph Nelson Elliott’s prediction from 1940. You can watch it and judge the value of the Elliott Wave Principle for yourself!
Forecast by Ralph Nelson Elliott Dow Jones:

The Elliott wave principle serves as a guide to human social behavior.
The Elliott Wave Principle is an essential tool for understanding human social behavior and its impact on market prices. It confidently states that market prices are not determined exclusively by news. Please note that this information is for educational purposes only.
The path of the price of the product is not news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For a complete understanding of the Elliott Wave principle and its patterns, with a real example on a chart, check out this link. This is a great resource for mastering this trading tool.

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