04/02 – Daily Forex Market Analysis from a Harmonic Pattern & Market Cycle perspective


0:00 Introduction to the Week Ahead video, touching on Harmonics and Market Cycles.
0:57 USD/CAD – In the 2nd Market Cycle expecting the third trend higher
2:03 NZD/JPY – Third trend higher off the 50ema
2:40 AUD/JPY – Potential Level 3 Rise or PFH
3:00 GBP/CHF – The lows of the 2nd Market Cycle
3:30 AUD/NZD – Market Cycle 1, expecting lower prices
4:24 USD/CHF – Level 3 Higher inline with the dollar basket.
6:05 – NZD/USD – Not clear, however Large Gartley has played and waiting for direction
8:11 CAD/JPY – Potential Peak Formation High
8:40 CAD/CHF – Huge Bullish AB=CD pattern and Market Cycle starting to play out
9:28 GBP/AUD – Moving out of Market Cycle 2 into the third trend higher
9:58 GBP/USD – Within Market Cycle 1
10:15 EUR/AUD – Market Cycle 2 into the third trend higher.
12:35 EUR/GBP – The lows of Market Cycle 2
10:37 EUR/CHF – Generation BUY opportunity. Market Cycle complete
13:05 GOLD – Moving out of Market Cycle 2 into the third trend higher
13:25 AUD/USD – Awesome move from Market Cycle 2 into the third trend lower
14:55 EUR/NZD – Moving out from Market Cycle 2 into Trend 2 higher
15:10 EUR/USD – Market Cycle 1
15:25 EUR/JPY – Potential Peak Formation High.
15:39 AUD/CHF – Potential third trend lower continuation

Daily market update video highlighting where price currently sits in the Market Cycle. We are looking for Harmonic Patterns within this Market Cycle.

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