EURJPY Weekly Analysis | Educational Video | Sureshot FX

EURJPY Weekly Analysis | Educational Video | Sureshot FX

Hey fellow traders, In today’s video, we’ve shown the weekly forecast of the EURJPY market & tried to understand its direction for the upcoming week from a Smart money concept (SMC) viewpoint.

Firstly, we’ve recapped last week’s price action of the EURJPY and saw that the Bullish market flow is still in control & The market is currently moving inside the bullish swing

Next up, we’ve reviewed the HTF market structure of the EURJPY and expect another rise towards a swing high & continue to go higher. We also tried to understand when the market structure is going to be invalid and will reverse completely (If the price doesn’t respect orderblock).

Also, make sure to keep in check the LTF market structure which may initiate a pullback. Let’s see how the market plays out according to our weekly forecast.

Let’s summarize the EURJPY forecast for this week,
✅ EURJPY bias is potentially Bullish this week.
✅ Last week after a huge expansion, EURJPY lost its momentum but the market flow is still bullish.
✅ So, looking for long setups is the wise option after the market opens on Monday.

Based on the current technical standpoint, I believe the EURJPY may continue bullish momentum after a pullback. Let’s see how the market unfolds this week.

🚫Disclaimer: Don’t blindly trade from these forecasts rather use these as a potential direction for the week, The Market may or may not respect the analysis. Use your own analysis to take trade from these forecasts.
Have a great week, traders.




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