GBPUSD Analysis (Technical & Fundamental) | 18 September 2023

What’s up traders! Join me today for my GBPUSD technical analysis & some fundamental analysis for GBPUSD too. Dive into my trade plans & ideas for this pair.


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00:00 – 02:20: Macroecnomic insights
02:20 – 07:46 – Technical trade ideas


My name is James ~ i am a forex trader & coach teaching you how to become a better trader, win more trades, make money trading forex and master trading psychology.

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8 件のコメント

  • Nice video.Been seeing a lot of fake accounts lately asking me to pay money to invest with them. I wanna ask you not on IG any more? Cuz I checked for your account and I’m not seeing it anymore…

  • Thank you so much James! Bro I love the music you play on the background on your videos, please kindly share your playlist ✨

  • Supply n demand takes trades on order blocks, ICT uses FVG to enter.

    Supply and demand zones give u sniper entries but sometimes u miss entries. On FVGs u can experience draw downs but u dont miss entries

    Every strategy has its pros and cons. They all work…i like supply n demand more

  • Do you trade the Red folder news days? News drivers do tend to cause the biggest expansions but it can be a bit like a ripsaw.

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