Real Trader, Real LIVE Forex Trade UPDATE. Join the action CHF JPY

LIVE Swing Trading UPDATE- CHF JPY – Learn how to Swing Trade by following and Learning from a Real Trader.
The Knockout Trader gives an UPDATE on the CHF JPY forex match.(from Big Easy Fight Card posted 8 August 2023)
Uncover how this match developed by watching the fight card setup and plan for this match. Link for the Big Easy CHFJPY Fight card video is:

This is the world of Real LIVE Swing Trading
Patience and perseverance to wait for great opportunities will always reward a good fighter.
The name of the game is to always keep moving forward over time.(never backwards!)

Tamar Mehr is The Knockout Trader
3rd Dan Black Belt Taekwondo
Trading Mentor and Coach
Financial Markets Trader 16+ years
Tamar Mehr LinkedIn:

Your Mission should you choose to accept it.
Watch past Fights
L-earn you Belt
Become a Knockout Master

Watch the Fight Card to uncover the Knockout Trader’s fight plan for this battle. Link for the Big Easy CHFJPY Fight card video is:


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