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8 件のコメント

  • I agree that currently where USD is at, it could go either way, but I find your fundamental analysis regarding USD a little biased. The FED may pause further rate hikes, but apart from the BOE, many other central banks are in similar positions of “wait and see”. And you also mentioned economic cooling to be a bearish sign for the dollar and although that had been true in the past, recent years have shown us that the USD is treated as a safe haven during risk off moves. Economic slowdown -> stocks down -> USD up.
    Confidence in the dollar as the world reserve currency has weakened, but it still is the reserve currency at present.

  • Nick please dont be discouraged by calling gold being bullish then end up bearish. We all get the loses.

    Dont listen to these comments people pretending like they know everything. Why aint they millionaires? Mxm come on guys. Nick doesnt even charge u for the education u getting here

    Even me personally according to the way i read the COT data. It gave me a ranging market on gold this week. So trading gold wasnt on my watch list.

    But just because i was right this time it doesnt make me better trader than someone who got it wrong just this 1 time. Grow up guy please

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