REALITY of Leaving Singapore & Retiring in Penang | Singaporeans in Malaysia

Why this Singaporean couple decided to retire in Penang, Malaysia. Charles and Lena considered several countries but ultimately decided to buy a condo and retire in Penang. What is reality like? What are the pros and cons? What are things they miss from Singapore?

00:00 Meeting Charles
02:35 Penang Home Tour
04:07 Why They Decided to Retire in Penang
07:00 What They Miss From Singapore
10:58 Food in Penang
13:20 The Biggest Advantage of Living in Singapore

Big thanks to Charles and Lena for sharing their story.

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  • SG food is only good to fill up stomach if there is no choice, but not for the next helping to be honest…lol. I prefer the (Ho Chiak )food in Malaysia especially the Penang, Taiping/ Ipoh etc hawker food their. Plus “hawker culture” is not present only in Singapore…lol, so why still even bother to claim that as heritage under UNESCO, but it is also present other places as well in Malaysia and other parts of Asia. Lastly Singapore was once part of Malaysia, so where do you think all those food influences came from, which has been connected since old British colonial times. Anyway, hope you could cover some historical sites like those World War 2 Museum sites and the botanical gardens in Penang. Lastly checkout the Durian farms over there.

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  • If cost of living is the main concern, Afghanistan is a good place to be. If toxic drinking is the main concern, japan is the right place because drunkenness is normalized there. Drunkards can be found sleeping in many public places.

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