In this video we look at our weekly top down analysis on GBP/USD & GBP/JPY. GBPUSD & GBPJPY is two of the most traded currencies in the world.
We are using two methods in our GBPUSD weekly analysis & GBPJPY weekly analysis, the fair value gap and the Fibonacci, which builds nicely together with our forex trading. This is an easy forex strategy to understand even for beginners in forex trading and if you are here to learn to trade forex. Using these methods, you will start understanding the forex smart money strategy, which is an easy forex strategy. Trading forex is simple and easy if you do not complicate it to much, and this is why I try and simplify forex trading as much as possible.

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  • Your way of analyzing the market make it very easy to understand , teachers of forex market have made it so complicated that simple people like me couldn’t find our way in it for so long, they always come up with terminologies to make it even more complicated.

  • So where do you think it’s going to go Monday? You’ve shown where its previously been and how you predict, so what’s your prediction?

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