My BEST Forex Trading Setups this Week: US30, XAUUSD, EURUSD, NZDJPY & MORE

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9 件のコメント

  • Sometimes I really wonder how people make huge profit investing in the stock market, I know investing is a legitimate way to gain financial freedom but how is it done

  • Thanks for the info, I was lost on trading until January when I learnt about an investment in stock trading which changed my life, I have gotten a house of my own from the small weekly profit of $12,000 which make from this investment.

  • how are you able to manage so many different currencies at once?
    do you ever wait for a setup on the market or do you just get in because the market is in your zone

  • Biggest lesson of 2022 in the stock market: Nobody knows what is going to happen next, so practice some humility and follow a strategy with a long term edge.

  • Would love to get in on the NJ trade but OANDA ridiculously (and needlessly) jacks up their spreads for an HOUR on market open. Market opened for 40 minutes and has ZERO volatility yet they’re still at 17.3 !!!

  • Hey Nick, love your analysis as always, but I think you should look into the Us30 again because as it looks from a daily time frame prospective, price has broken structure previously sighting to the downside. The wave that we are currently in seems to be at it’s pivot point already on the daily timeframe, and any down side that it’s looking to approach is probably going to be around the 30500 lvl which has a well establish demand zone already in place, and by using the fibo on the daily timeframe, the 61.8 fibo lvl is pointing directly to that demand zone. Also from a technical analysis the DXY and Us/Jpy seems to be pushing up for a bit DXY to around 109 area lvl and Us/Jpy to around 145 area, hence the bearish outlook from Gold.

  • Good evening coach,

    I have been absent on forex due to fear I need someone as you to guide me on getting back to my grounds

  • US100 is something I wanna get your mind on.
    It’s looking very bullish but finding the right entry point is gonna be a challenge, what are your thoughts on the pair?
    (All the way from South Africa, I’m loving your content. “Keep it up.”)

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