Younger Brother and I Tried Singapore Food in Japan. How Legit Can It Be?

My younger brother and I tried a Singaporean restaurant in Japan. Looking for a great standing desk and chair? Use my link and promo code “22+GHIB” to get up to $30 off the ErgoTune & up to $145 off the EverDesk+.

Makan Makan is located at Yamato, Kanagawa which is around 1hour train ride away from Tokyo. I was craving for Singaporean food so I decided to give it a shot. My younger brother joins me for the first time. How’s the food?

Location of Makan Makan

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  • I live in Tokyo and have been to many singapore places and been disappointed. This looked surprisingly authentic and really shocked they could provide chilli padi haha.

  • Are you sure he is your brother? He sounds like your guest in your videos? The taiwanese who worked in singapore and used to live in joo chiat or tanjong katong?

  • I really enjoyed this episode. Your wife is so smart to note the missing pork lard and your funny bubbly little brother who forgot his bag pack!

  • ここ行ってくれたんか!!

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