Stone guarding the underside – Ferrari engined Alfa 105 Alfarrari build part 135

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  • Looking great! Unfortunately their are lots of people in both the US and the AU that would love to have our car ownership look just like Singapore. Hopefully they would make progress towards that goal.

  • Great to see the progress on your 105 … My personal choice was the Raptor Bedliner tinted to the body colour on underside and again on the inside. I can fully recommend Dynamat products for the sound proofing as it stuck well to the Raptor Bedliner finish if that’s any help… all the best going forward

  • Every video you got BOM playing on the tele… which reminds me they have really stepped back from their own video production schedule. Binky’s like the most epic build on the web, just such a long build. Long. Myself, I think your build on the Alf is just as enjoyable. We can really see your efforts, consistent moving forward on the project. Quite the inspiration. Support from Mrs. Jeff is very important and a super example of it!

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