2022 Lucid Air Review // EV luxury, range and performance

This is a Motormouth couple car review of the 2022 Lucid Air Grand Touring luxury electric sedan.We are very excited to end our week with Lucid Air, a brand that is setting new standards in the industry with the longest range and fastest charging of any electric car on the market. Lucid Air is designed in the Silicon Valley and produced in Arizona; the brand has race proven battery technology and powertrains that are developed entirely in-house with standard electronic stability control and torque vectoring. With a California inspired design and the elegant shape of an aircraft, the thin micro-lens array headlights and rear light bar give it a clean look. This EV is one of the most aerodynamic vehicles in the world with a drag coefficient of 0.21.Despite the Lucid Air’s mid-size exterior, it offers a roomy interior closer to a full-size sedan with an available solid glass roof, plenty of space for 3 adults in the rear and a large trunk and frunk. The 34” glass cockpit panel curves around the driver’s seat and the centre console 12.5” tablet allows you to control more features including deeper climate controls. With the fastest charging capability in the industry at 300kW peak charging power, it comes with a 19.2 kW onboard charger. With a 350 kW charger, you will be able to charge up to 350 km in 15 minutes for models with 900+volt architecture. Despite its mid-size exterior, it offers a roomy interior closer to a full-size sedan with more front and rear legroom than the Model S. The solid glass roof with protective interlayers to block out heat and sunlight creates an open feel in the cabin and there is plenty of space for three adults in the rear. The glass roof is not available on the base Air Pure model but is available on the Touring and standard on both Grand Touring models. Our test model has the Santa Cruz interior theme with Nappa leather, walnut trim, an Alcantara headliner, wool carpet and trim. The darker tones in the front cabin emphasize piloting the vehicle and the lighter tones in the rear a more relaxing feel for passengers. The clam-shell style rear opens to reveal a large bi-level trunk which Lucid tells us can fit four golf bags and the large frunk, two suitcases and a carry-on. The 34” glass cockpit panel curves around the driver’s seat in 5K resolution and a retractable centre panel 12.5″ tablet like display called the Pilot Panel allows you to control more features including deeper climate controls, drive modes, navigation, and charging. This tablet glides away to a hidden storage compartment. models include, the Lucid Air Pure with 480 horsepower, 653km/405 miles of EV range and a starting price of $119,000 CAD/$87,400 USD. Air Touring with 620 horsepower and 653 km/405 miles of range and priced at $146,000 CAD/$107,400 USD. Air Grand Touring with 800 horsepower, 830 km/516 miles of range, priced at $210,000 CAD/$154,000 USD. The Air Grand Touring Performance with 1,050 horsepower, 717 km/445 miles and a starting price of $242,000 CAD/$179,000 USD.

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  • I love it but that huge windshield freaks me out. Just thinking of a pebble hitting that kills me

  • please dont state the maximum possible range under ideal conditions, this is misleading. i noticed some manufacturers are using ” up to ie 400 km to temper the expectations.
    no ev gets the maximum range nor they charge at maximum speeds. yes it can happen but very rarely and for very few.

  • Why do these cars need so much power. It’s a safety hazard as far as I’m concerned. Nothing like a massive over weight cars with hyper car performance rolling around neighborhoods barley emitting any noise.

  • As an English resident this Lucid is doubtful to make its way over to our side of the Pond, sadly! A stunning aero design to maximise the range.

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