My Family In Japan Tries Food I Brought From Singapore

My family in Japan tries food (souvenir snacks) I bought from Singapore. Will they like it? What are their thoughts? Let’s find out. Want to start investing? Try Phillip Securities, as introduced in the beginning of the video.
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00:00 Phillip Securities Introduction
03:03 My Family Reviews Singapore Souvenir
09:50 My Mom Tries To Speak Singlish (fail)

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  • Tips for big bang. Fold it into bite size before opening the plastic. easier to take out. won’t make a mess

  • Man I miss Japan so much,…. especially the food. This dumplings are so nice. Of course Ichiran Ramen. And Ippudo Ramen!!!!

  • So if anyone ever visits Osaka and there a a Ramen stall selling “Singapore Ramen” that tastes like Bakuteh, and you can order side dishes of spicy prawn roll, and crispy seaweed (that tastes like Tao Kae Noi)… it’s probably run by Ghib’s family! 🙂

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