Swedish krona, CBDC’s, DLT, Third Generation Coins, Corda, IBM and Ethereum!

Swedish krona, CBDC’s, DLT, Third Generation Coins, Corda, IBM and Ethereum!

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  • xrp is all set up in the back end. ‘the plumbing is set’ for those that want to use ODL. I think this is a switch over when everyones ready and a high price set needs to happen to handle the payment volume. The clearing house CEO said end of Q2 beginning of Q3 for ”mass enabling”. So by end of June start of July i think we will see something massive.

  • Look up Finality. Looks they there issuing the USC. If the USC is the stablecoin…XRP will be flucuating coin pegged to some other price? Finality is part of the Ethereum Alliance and is partnered with Santander, BNY Melon and other big banks. USC= Stablecoin? XRP=? XLM=WRC?

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