Weekly outlook and setups VOL 147 (02-06.05.2022) | FOREX

Hello traders!

This week provided some extraordinary moves! The US Dollar extended its gains 4 consecutive days, which resulted in big flushes in all the major pairs. An amazing end of the month! I hope you all capitalized on some trading setups this week. Personally, I missed the continuations and caught only pullback trades. A lot to improve on my trading plan and edge! We are about to enter into a new trading month, so sharpen your trading strategy and let’s get some pips!

As always, we will analyze the main Forex pairs: DXY, EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, AUD/USD, AUD/JPY, NZD/USD, NZD/JPY, USD/JPY, EUR/GBP, GBP/USD, GBP/JPY. Gold as a commodity. Indices – US30, NAS100, S&P500 and finally some cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Intro 0:00​
DXY 2:25
EUR/USD 7:50
My Trades 12:27
EUR/JPY 19:10
AUD/USD 22:45
AUD/JPY 26:15
NZD/USD 27:47
NZD/JPY 29:55
USD/JPY 31:19
GBP/USD 33:29
GBP/JPY 36:26
Gold (XAU/USD) 39:43
Indices (US30, NAS100, SPX500) 42:07
Crypto (BTC, ETH) 46:01

If you need any help or you want me to analyze another currency pair, create a specific video on a trading or investing topic or anything else, please make sure to hit me a message or leave a comment! I really hope you will enjoy the content and will implement some of the trading tips I mention!

I wish you an amazing trading week full of profits and high-quality trades! Stick to your trading plan and be disciplined!

Iliya Sivkov

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This video expresses my personal opinion only. Trading the financial markets involves risk and is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to invest in foreign exchange or another financial market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. I am not responsible for any losses incurred due to your trading or anything else. I do not recommend any specific trade or action, and any trades you decide to place are your own.
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5 件のコメント

  • I have a decent case for 1840 as the bottom. and from there UP. on gold.
    I like the pullback to 1950 as DXY looks like a bearish pullback is in the works. that would drive gold up to that higher then expected lower high. Most are calling the consolidation around 1912 as the lower high. So expect price to get stuck there a bit…. push out to the downside to grab bears…. only to go up and collect stop losses. Liquidity. Where are the most fish? The most fish will be to the downside so it will go down to go fishing and then go up to eat them all up.
    Also note clear bullish bias on the COT. With profit taking and very low addition to new bears. So bearish interest is weak. Bullish interest is withdrawing. Signs of a pullback.
    I think we are going to see a case where DXY is going up and gold is as well. Inflation and the war is driving gold far more then DXY strength ever will.
    Expect a bounce off 1840 ish. and then a new higher high to follow on a larger bullish trend.

  • Thank you for your outlook Iliya.
    Dont call yourself an idiot just because you took some longs in a bearish market. It is in fact the opposite – idiots never learn anything and don’t reflect their mistakes – you do and you are already looking to change some details of your trading routine. Thats great and has nothing to do with an idiot attitude. 🙂
    I am really curious to see what is going to happen next week, its gonna be a massive fundamental week with many high impact news.

    My thoughts on AU 😀 – still re-distributing, very clean. I was also shorting it all the way down. Shoutout to your community for the trade on Friday, it was really beautiful and a massive RR! Waiting for monday to see what is going to happen – Au approaching the last daily Zone I could imagine a nice long pullback from & H1 slowly looking like it could turn into an accumulation (It is no acc yet! Its a clean redistro, still following the shorts!). So as you said – currently extremely bearish and definitely no confirmed longs yet.
    We havent even reached 50% of the last daily/weekly long move so maybe thats the target and we will take out the low next week.

    Nonetheless I like the divergence Au – Nu (not trading Nu but Nu took out the low so it would be nice if Au pulls back before taking it out) Lets see! Following the continuations until proven wrong (or hedging in a buy before :-))
    Daily TF currently an accumulation on au. Once we take out the low its a redistro on the daily — failed acc = successful redistro.

    Dont have anything to say about UC …except “to the moon:D” Have a great weekend!

  • Nice analysis man. I love you analysis on the trades you took. Kindly include over trading in the video compilation. Thanks IIiya.

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